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[07 Jun 2010|08:57am]
my background is stanley kubrick, if anyone wants to know. i really want a kubrick tattoo. probably "find your kubrick" in small capital letters somewhere like my hand or inside of my finger. kubrick is a photographer/directer, that's why it would be on the hand that focuses my lens (:

well nothing is going on in my life. i hate being at my apartment with my dumbass roommate. i stay out until 11:30 every night and don't come home all day long. i eat out everyday, which is sort-of expensive. or i just go to friends house or something overnight and stay away from home. even when i have the house to myself all weekend i still go somewhere else. i just hate the enegry there, it gets me in such a bad mood. i also don't have enough energy/ambition to try to make this issue right and smooth it out before i left and move away. i'd rather just shut up about it and ignore it all until it can be removed from my life.
i can't really find anything positive to write about. thats a bad thing. my journal is filled with negative shit. nothing is positive haha.. i don't write like i used to. i used to write about material shit and music and fashion. i want to start doing that again.

i got four pairs of shoes last week. FOR 21 DOLLARS! all four of them were twenty one dollars haha. it made me so happy. there just cheapy canvas shoes, but there super super cute. i got them in white, purple, red, and shiny leathery black. so cute oh gosh. i'm really happy i got them cause i feel like such a good shopper! i like getting good deals. but i also like spending $85 on a cardigan.

so excited for alejandro (:
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[21 May 2010|08:54am]
i've been drinking sooo much water lately.. probably like 16 liters in the past two days, no joke. and about 4 liters a day since 2 weeks ago. i feel so fucking healthy! my skin is clearing up and i have a lot of energy, too.

yesterday my cousin and i got the apartment.. i'm not sure if i've posted about it yet, but it's in toronto, 2 bedroom. she says it's pretty big, although i haven't seen it yet. i'm soo excited to move in.. we're paying for june and she lives near it, so she can move in when ever, but i have to wait until july because of school. i'm going to move some of my stuff in a few weeks in advance other then clothes and shit i need.. i have exams on the 26th, 27th, and 28th then i'm home free! here i come toronto!

the week i move in is the week that pride week starts in toronto. i'm really excited! i've never been and me and carson (my boyfriend) are going together this year. there's so many things that are happening in the past few days that are making me really really happy. i love life so much right now. i'm not going to let this feeling fall. i won't let it escape me. i can't let this get away..
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[11 May 2010|08:49am]
i'm about to present a project in class so i'm going to update in the few minutes i have before i'm up. i had beef stew yesterday, lol. but omg it was so good. and it was only $0.99! fuck yes, i'm learning to be a cheap shopper. everything on my grocery receipt in under $1.99 and i got tons of shit. woooo, i love being poor! i have like fifty dollars in my bank account and about twenty in cash. fuck life, soooo poor

anyway i'll survive. i think i'm going to move right after school, probably as soon as i gradute. my cousin found a place in aurora for $900, which really isn't that bad. and it's in a good location. i'd just be worried about money, cause it's really tight even now, while going to school. full-time jobs help for money obviously, which i am so excited to have a job. i want to work at like.. forever 21 or h&m or somewhere like that. oh god or aldo HAHAHA. would be so fun to work there. but i might just have to start at mcdonalds or booster juice or something, cause i've never had a job before. i'm fucked for life! i'm not going to be able to life, considering i spend all my money on clothes and i'm probably going to buy a new blackberry soon, which is sooo expensive. but who cares, i'm young. debt♥

oh god my presentation went great. i was a bit nervous as always cause this is a university course and it's important. i'm not sure if i'm going to university/collage next year, probably not. i haven't applied to anywhere yet. it's scary going into high education with zero money. hah! and i feel like i want to work for a year and get rich or travel or some shit. tokyo? rome? i miss my family..

going to the city to party this weekend, so stoked (:
my friend's cousin is on degrassi, and it's his birthday. I'M STOKED
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[10 May 2010|02:06pm]
ok i never fucking update unless i'm bored outta my mind.. and i am right now. it's fine, i love LJ ..not

anyway, i'm in class and doing nothing so i'd thought i'd update. things with my aunt are still fucked up. i don't like it. she said she would call like the cops are something because i was leaving for the night and she wasn't there and her blackberry is literally from 1999 and it doesn't work so i couldn't bbm her and tell her so i wrote a sticky note saying i'd be gone and that money is the devil, cause she told me to stop eating all her toast cause it was costing her too much money. IT'S FUCKING TOAST CALM DOWN. fuck she's dumb. anyway she's just goes on and on about random pieces of nothing and it's fucked.. and i'm fighting with a really close friend.. very passive aggressivly. she says she's not mad at me and acts totally fine, then i heard from 4 other people that she is suuuuppper pissed at me and i don't know what to think. then she's avoiding talking to me alone so i can't talk to her about it without starting a bunch of shit with all our other friends.

blah it's fucked lmao.. life is fucked. is that all i post about though? i think it is.. not good though. i loved when my entries used to be about eri kamei and tsunku and suju and being a zombie and all that shit. even now i feel like i'm forcing myself to post and i'm not putting any heart into this, like i used to. i miss those days ):

i want a leather jacket
my boyfriend hasn't called me in 8 days
i drank 9 litres of water yesterday
my closet is full of gross clothes
i have a boring life lol?
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[20 Apr 2010|09:00am]
blah blah blah i never update.

i love my boyfrrrrriiiend♥
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[25 Feb 2010|09:19am]
i got into a sort of weird fight with my aunt last night.. i got home at 10:25 and she flipped shit on me.. she said i was being disrespectful to her and her kids never came home late and didn't call and "did you force your mom to make you dinner and make her leave it on the counter until 11:00 at night?!". she pissed me off so bad but i just took it from her because i could care less about what she has to bitch about.. so dumb. i almost cried though.

she also bitched about the hair washing thing and me eating too much toast and milk. dumbass

i miss my morning musume days lol.
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[24 Feb 2010|03:16pm]
ok well the olympics are dope shit.

i'm editing this 'cause i realize how dumb this post was. i'm not living at home anymore, although i probably say that a lot. i'm stay at my aunt's house now and it's decent i guess but i still miss my family and how much security i had there.. and the worst part is my aunt doesn't let me shower every morning so i feel greasy and dirty every time i go to school. i straighten my hair everyday too, so sometime it sucks when i straighten greasy hair.. it get frizzy and shit. my hair is about 4 inches long now with about 1 inch dyed black on the ends.. i want to cut it out and have my nautral colour but i love this length. it's not styled at all either; no layers. i want to cut layers into it too.. thin it out a bit. i'm thinking of dying it down brown or caramel brown though, but i don't know how well the colours would match with the dye in the black dye and in the natural. i know if i tried to dye my hair white blonde, the black would go yellow and the natural would go white-ish, so idk.

hard choices in the life of kyle.

& i have no computer, like always.. and no phone. i miss tweeting every other minute. hopefully i'll get a laptop soon and a phone. macbook & blackberry & job vs. dell & pay-as-you-go & able to be lazy.. hmmmm
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[12 Jan 2010|01:39pm]
i'm forcing myself to update again, haha

nothing is really going on to update though. my lips are really chapped ):
i have a free period at school and i'm in the computer lab but it's full of grade 9's trying to get onto facebook with proxies that don't work worth shit. it's kinda funny.. but there is this thing on facebook at our school called "britt smith". it's a fake account so no one really knows who it is. she rips on people on the time and says stuff like "did jami marren's tits eat her ass, cause it seems to be missing" and "the only person who takes longer time to get their hair ready in the morning then rebecca butterworth is her boyfriend". so it's really stupid but it causes a lot of drama at school. there has been like 5 fake accounts.. gossel gril, buck chass, wair blalorf, henny jumphrey, and ball saks. they all rip kids apart and it's really over dramatic, but all the student love the drama and get amused by it. i've been on ball saks twice, gossel gril once, buck chass like 8 times, and britt smith once. mostly obvsious stuff like "kyle fell is gay", but buck chass' were more intense like "kyle fell, jami marren, and some weldon guy had a threesome" or "kyle fell, lisa finnie, and vince sue had a threesome" or "kyle fell gave jacob nicholls head at the finnie's party" etc etc. it's funny cause most of those things never happened.. most.

it is really funny though.. i actually love them and all their drama..
they make our dumb school exciting in some twisted consided way. (:

now the kids are trying to decode hyroglifics..
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[11 Jan 2010|05:42pm]
so i'm pretty sure i'm going to start updating my LJ again (:
but i'm not going to say what happened in the past 8 months,
so i'll start fresh.

i'm obsessed with star trek now,
love lady gaga and la roux,
still learning japanese slowly,
and have nothing in my life worth writing.. i'm noticing
so let's see how this goes and if i can hold onto it again, k? :0
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[04 Jun 2009|01:48pm]
sweet mother of god.
the Dow is up 64 points this afetrnoon.
whaaaaat tha FACCCKKK.
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